Run Run Run

by David LaLone



This is a traditional folk song redone in a more rock style. I discovered this song while flipping through an old folk songbook. I think this old spiritual has a lot to say for our modern times.



Now, Moses stood on the Red Sea shore
Parted that water with a two-by-four
Water parted and the people went through
But the water won't part for me and you

Well Joshua was said to be a mighty foe
'Cause he marched right up to old jericho
he blew his horn and the walls fell down
Better not build a wall around your own home town

you better run, run, run
You better run, run, run
Run to the city of refuge
You better run, run, run

Well, a long time before they had a cotton jin
They thought they better bring a lot of workin' people in
Carried them over in a slavery boat
Well, if you bring people here you better let them vote.


Now, you and me we got a lot to learn
About the trouble that makes this old world turn
We see our neighbor and we judge him hard
But you better look around in your own back yard.


released February 8, 2019
all vocals and instruments by David LaLone
recorded and Mixed at LaLone Studio
Mastered by LANDR




David LaLone Lansing, Michigan

David LaLone lives in the great city of Lansing, Michigan; where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Music has always captured his heart.From a young child he sang his heart out to every song on the radio. He dabbled on the piano throughout his youth until in his early twenties picked up a guitar and started writing his owns songs. His raw emotion can be felt in every song. ... more

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