Field Of Dreams

by David LaLone



Years ago I found these lyrics handwritten on a tattered piece of paper in someones garage. To this day i don't know who wrote these words. I eventually wrote music to the lyrics and this song was born.


This will last forever

Verse 1:
Born and raised,
Here in a small town.
We’ve played this field,
And dreamed our lives away.
The morning comes,
The sun is shining down.
Fade away, see another side of life.

Verse 2:
undivided , we are the young today
It’s laughter, it’s tears,
It’s everything I dreamed it’d be
The joy, the pain; and everything in between
Fade away, these days are not forgotten.

It’s just a walk in the clouds today.
We’ll grow old tomorrow, everything will be okay.

Verse 3:
The faces, the places; in the pages of our lives
Everyone is satisfied.
In our field of dreams

Verse 4:
The air we breathe
The things we do together
In our field of dreams
Nothing lasts forever
Only in our field of dreams


La, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la


In our field of dreams


released September 27, 2019




David LaLone Lansing, Michigan

David LaLone lives in the great city of Lansing, Michigan; where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Music has always captured his heart.From a young child he sang his heart out to every song on the radio. He dabbled on the piano throughout his youth until in his early twenties picked up a guitar and started writing his owns songs. His raw emotion can be felt in every song. ... more

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