This Is An Outlet

by David LaLone



This is an outlet
A release of energy
Electric discharge
Pulsing from my heart
Filling up my lungs
And shooting up my chest
My tongue and lips quickly form
This breath into words
Poetic energy
To fuel your soul
To shock dead tissue back to life
Resurrection power
Given to man
From the creator, we create
A conduit of fire
Bolts of lightning
Place a cover over me
I may need to be contained
I am an outlet
I may need to be controlled
I am an outlet

When someone says kill the light
Don't let them near your switch
Don't let them shade your lamp
Your brightness shall not be dimmed
You are a bulb worthy of the highest Watt
Don't settle for less
Let me hold a prism
Near your glow
From it a rainbow will show
You are an outlet
A release of light
Fire white
Help us see
Through this dark world
You are an outlet

I need to charge my phone
I need to charge my own
120 volts surging through my veins
Poems of intimacy
Like bolts of electricity
This is an outlet
Let us plug-in to each other
For we are outlets screaming from the wall

Let it out
For you are an outlet
And I too am an outlet
This is an outlet


released August 12, 2019




David LaLone Lansing, Michigan

David LaLone lives in the great city of Lansing, Michigan; where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Music has always captured his heart.From a young child he sang his heart out to every song on the radio. He dabbled on the piano throughout his youth until in his early twenties picked up a guitar and started writing his owns songs. His raw emotion can be felt in every song. ... more

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