Reconciliation​:​Where Do We Go From Here?

by David LaLone

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I was a million miles away When the meteor hit the Earth The sky was all a blaze People in craze And I was drinking gin Discussing all the sin While you were building walls I was making altar calls You won't let them in Because of the color of their skin Your castle is made of sand It will never stand The test of time Cuz hate is always a crime Let's try to build bridges Connecting lonely hearts Like islands in the sea This is bigger than you and me We're freezing our asses In the polar vortex It's coming to a theater near you So cuddle on the couch Open a book Or watch some Netflix But tomorrow I need you To strap on them boots And put on your gloves There's so much work to do Stop watching the news And staring at your phone Look me in the eyes Tell me you're fine Or tell me the truth How life is hard You're tired of trying on your own I was a million miles away When the meteor hit the Earth I'm far from Superman But I'm still a man I got work to do And so do you If fear is kryptonite Your my Lois Lane I'm your Clark Kent
I’m finding it hard, harder to breathe Sometimes I take a big deep breath Only to choke, on fear Trouble swallowing my pride, humble sweat drip drops There’s a pain in my chest and this is all over fear Can we echo, our screams, to crowd of friends? Or do we sabotage the hunt, to never catch our dreams Inhale and exhale. In and out from life to death Can we move even when fear freezes our able bones? Do we find a whisper heard in our hurricane? I’m on the brink of heresy, and all I see is God The edge of doubt finds me gripping to faith My flesh is weak; but, the spirit is willing, willing to breathe To fight the fear that overwhelms My stress has broken my heart, but my heart is free On the eve of absence I am in circled with love The separation leaves me ill My heart races, my heart races again until the breathing stills Over anger into my pain, I dive deeper, deeper into thee Out of my prison I flee, but fear follows me.
Disconnected 01:40
I know, how much a heart can break After it shatters on the floor Millions of pieces Millions of pieces Scattered across the floor How will I ever Pick up all pieces again I'm scraping dirt off my knees Struggling to clean up this mess of mine I'm so disconnected So disconnected From all the love I need Millions of people Millions of people And I feel alone
Everybody knows my name Everybody calls me Frank I'm the son of a crazy old man He'd drag me to church Take me to school Teach me things I never knew Carry me up a flight of stairs Tried to dance like Fred Astaire But I look like my dear old mom Who'd wake me up at the break of dawn Singing that morning song Rise and shine Give God the glory Wake up you sleepyhead She'd cook and clean And cheer for my favorite team I'm a son! Of two guns akimbo One's a pistol The other a m15 Full of ammo And full of fire Looking straight And looking fierce Strapped to the back of pickup truck Heading out toward the sweet sunset Ain't it funny how family goes Crazier and crazier down the line The past is a puzzle we never fixed Our basements are all full of shit violence runs through my blood Tongue is a sword, never a dud
Dream Maker 02:27
She sat across the table Smoking another cigarette We drank an endless supply of coffee We talked about everything and nothing at the same time chorus: I was a prodigal grandson Coming home From a 20 year war I entered that door With a trembling heart Not knowing what lied on the other side But you welcomed me with open arms And I felt right at home You gave me a box That my grandfather made You took the pictures off the wall And put them in my hand We watched a old VHS From 1992
I really fucked, up today I try to numb the pain I got ice in my glass So I chug it down 'cause I'm so fast I drink and drink But I can't get drunk I close my eyes but I can't sleep chorus: I can't stay In this state no more Everybody plays The judge and the jury Can't find no justice or peace So I'm heading to the beach I got one foot on the brake The other on the gas Daddy always said Drive it like you stole it Run if you you can't roll it This smoke is on you I'm burying my burdens On the road She cried wolf in the night Pulled me into a ring, I can't fight. Kaylei, Azzie, and Super Dave super Dave This is letter from Sam (chorus)
Fragmented family Framed in marriage and DNA Formed in lines, upon a tree How fragile it all can become When death brings its sting And Facebook drama Unveils the masquerade Removes the masks we’ve made The music comes to an end And we are stuck rewinding it to no end Treating wounds, that never mend May we choose to lend Some forgiveness again Fragmented family Failing to connect Fighting to forget Foolishly forming walls For others to climb Fixating on endless problems Failing to solve one Fucking cousins Frolicking around Singing that Frozen song “Let it Go! Let it Go!” I have not the words to say For this abomination in the way Family food used to be so much fun Squeezing way too much food into our stomachs Rubbing elbows with people we can barely stomach What a mess of a meal we consume Then throw each other in the fridge Like leftovers we seal in a tomb Is there not room For us to capture One last picture with the elephant We all fled from in fear Fleeing the scene Pleading innocence to the crime But there are fingerprints All over the damn place Hugs that I can’t un-embrace Death stops us in our tracks Breaks such ties That we thought, could never break Love wrapped in obligation Is fraudulent and fake But if we’re all being honest we have all eaten that cake We’ve all failed to be the family we wish But let’s not blow out the candles on this birthday cake This flame may not be eternal But... I think it has more days to blaze Fragmented and broken But family we are.
I'm done singing Hakuna Matata I'm digging up my past I'm digging up graves Dry bones Like fossils I could never connect I'm just trying to connect Like cities on a map I'm trying to connect the dots I'm resisting my genetic disposition For violence and rape Anger and lust My family is so fucked up!! But I love you I love you all I like you For we are all messed up None of us are saints That's not how the artist paints But you are beautiful And I'm not me Without you But I need to see your scars I need to smell your dirty laundry I want to dance with the skeletons in your closet I want to read an honest history book I can endure the pain I hope you can too There is so many black marks on my name That I'm tempted to start a new But I'm not in the business of erasing In order to restore You must walk into the ruins Sit in the dust Pour ashes on your face The past we must embrace So we can walk into a better future We can no longer redact the past And I'm not asking for you to reenact it either Just sit with me and drink this tea Or coffee if you please I'm on a journey that feels so alone Family hold my hand Let's sing a new song.
Two Aunts 02:30
The wind races up my back Sending chills along my spine I’m aware that I have a nervous system Though my nerves can be erratic I’m not too sure there lies a system I’m told there’s often a method to the madness And a wreckage after the sadness I’ve been breaking bread With those that once spoon fed... me Toxic lies for breakfast Manipulative cries for lunch And for dinner-- apathy This left me in agony Belly aching Dry heaving I couldn’t even vomit The shit I was fed Needles in my veins They were just there to drain Every ounce of courage Every sense of peace Whatever flame they saw they doused with worry I sat there extinguished Not realising I was distinguished Don’t call me a black sheep I’m a fucking unicorn A mythical creature Amongst a bunch of asses Why am I the one sitting in the ashes? It took two aunts To find the diamond Who couldn’t shine Without some donuts and coffee With laughter-- they washed me With truth-- they lifted me With faith, in me, they healed Throwing off my crutches They commanded me to walk They wiped the mud off my eyes So I could see They were 100% ok With me, being me Their warm embrace calmed the shivers Always the breeze prinkling my nerves Though there is a storm outside I got two anchors To keep me above the sea I was drowning And they saved me From the sharks that circle me
Escape 02:15
Chorus: I just wanna escape sometimes Out of this place And in my mind Unplug from all this noise Social media got me pleading For a divorce I can't keep up this pace Busy busy Got me losing this race Click, click click I just took a pic of my food Got me asking What up dude? This room is so full of noise Social anxiety got me shaking inside I'm all alone in this crowd Drowning in the decibels Looking for a window to gaze Looking for a hand to hold Like a blanket for the cold I think I'm going to show my ass to the door
Open casket Room full of grief Your hand so cold Heart so warm I still can’t believe You’re not here to see The beautiful roses on your grave Hear all the wonderful words We all had to say The Kids are growing up so fast We’re all fighting To make your memories last We’re all fighting Over the possessions that you left We’re all fighting Because we’re in so much pain You were the glue that made us so, so tight And we’re left with these loose ends They say we all grieve In our own special way Well I guess There’s no road map home From a family funeral because We’re all fighting Over the reading of the will We’re all fighting over who did what And who’s to blame We’re all fighting To hold back the tears We’re all fighting As we all go our own Separate ways We’re all fighting As if there’s anything to win It’s a losing game We’re trying to play Let’s come together And find a different way


released June 26, 2020


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David LaLone Lansing, Michigan

David LaLone lives in the great city of Lansing, Michigan; where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Music has always captured his heart.From a young child he sang his heart out to every song on the radio. He dabbled on the piano throughout his youth until in his early twenties picked up a guitar and started writing his owns songs. His raw emotion can be felt in every song. ... more

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